Professor Sycamore Bodypillow Dakimakura Pokemon X Y

$99.90 - $120.00
Professor Sycamore Bodypillow Dakimakura Pokemon X Y

🌎 International Shipping
🔃 Double-sided cover
💓 XXL Pillow Cover
🧸 Super soft
🀄 High Quality printing
✏️ drawn by me, goro_orb

Size: 180 x 60 cm
Peach Skin: High quality print, vibrant colors, glossy, long durability.
2 Way Tricot: Premium quality, super nice to touch, best elasticity/stretch, anti-static, anti-wrinkle, best warmth.

Bonjour~ Introducing the Professor Sycamore Body Pillow – because who wouldn't want to snuggle up with the man who knows Pokémon better than anyone (well, except maybe Professor Oak, but who wants to cuddle with that grandpa?).

Made from the best materials of Lumiose City, this body pillow is scientifically proven to increase your chances of having dreams filled with the adorable Pokémon Professor. Listen to his newest findings about Mega Evolution and Lumiose boutiques. Who needs a Froakie when you can have a Professor Sycamore for yourself?!