***How much is shipping?***
Shipping is 8$ to all destinations.

***Do you ship to my country?***
Yes, I ship everywhere.

***Do I have to add my address if I buy digital products?***
If you make a digital purchase, there is no need to add your address during checkout. It will be sent digitally to your e-mail. Nothing will be sent to your physical address.

***What is the zine's pairing***
It's ShuAke, with some AkeShu also included in the Secret Chat log.

***When will orders be shipped***
Digital versions will be sent to you by e-mail within 1-24 hours after payment.

Physical orders: You will receive a mail as soon as your order has been shipped. It will take 1-4 days to ship it after I have received your order.

Your order is shipped to you via Priority mail (= by air or other fastest means of transport). Priority shipments are given priority in the country of origin and destination. The average transit time is:

US, Canada: 7-14 work days
South America, Australia, Asia, Africa: 7-24 work days
Mexico: 10-25 work days
France, Spain, Poland, Italy: 5-11 work days
UK: 3-4 work days
Germany, Switzerland: 2–4 work days

May vary due to custom controls, holidays and Covid. Some products are pre-order products.

Thank you for supporting my art! 
Info, questions, feedback: Please contact me anytime. [email protected]